Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba

The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry was created in response to two specific incident: the death of Helen Betty Osbornes in late 1987 and the Death of John Joseph Harper in early 1988. These two incidents were seen by many as troubling examples of the manner in which Manitoba’s justice system was failing Aboriginal people. The evidence of this failure has been apparent and abundant. Aboriginal criticism of the justice system generally has been harsh and pervasive. The need for change was becoming increasingly apparent.

The scope of the commission is to include all components of the justice system, that is, policing, courts and correctional services. The commission is to consider whether and the extent to which aboriginal and non-aboriginal persons are treated differently by the justice system and whether there are specific adverse effects, including possible systemic discrimination against aboriginal people, in the justice system. The commission is to consider the manner in which the justice system now operates and whether there are alternative methods of dealing with aboriginal persons involved with the law.

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