Communications and Publications

A foundational value of Métis culture is the forging of good relations.  There are many forms of communication and many languages available to assist in relationship-building.  Métis created a language known as Michif which originated as a combination of Aboriginal and European linguistic features.  Métis also traditionally spoke many Aboriginal languages because it was necessary for communicating with others in extended families and friendships.  Today, English is a dominant language in Métis communities.

Knowledge exchange within the Métis Nation can be challenging with insufficient capacity.  Métis recognize that virtual meetings and information exchange can assist in advancing some work, but this does not take the place of physical meetings.  It is essential that individuals within the Métis community who are responsible for working on environmental issues have an opportunity to meet with others across the Homeland to discuss issues of importance, prioritize and share their knowledge and wisdom with others.

The Métis National Council offers some print materials on topics or projects of interest to Métis.