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Development of a Code of Ethics


1:16 pm
February 19, 2009



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Development of a Code of Ethics

As the MNC moves forward with the development of a new electoral system and discussions of an MNC Constitution, consideration should be given to the development of a Code of Ethics. However, in a complex and dynamic a reality, it should be recognized that it is impossible to foresee every eventuality or plan for every contingency. So, rather than follow prescribed protocols, it is suggested that an MNC Code of Ethics should be flexible to allow the President of the MNC and the Board of Governors to constructively engage problems, issues, goals and possibilities with honesty and integrity. 

It is proposed that any member of the BOG who finds himself or herself or knows of another in violation of the code of conduct should be required to report the matter to the entire Board of Governors. It is also  recommended that this process reflect the following principles:

1. Holistic Decision Making – Looking to the larger social and moral horizon, considering best and worst-case scenarios, surfacing ethical or stewardship questions that may be assumed or missed in the normal course of Board of Governors discussion or decision-making in the best interest of the Métis Nation.
2. Clear Demarcations – Preparing and upholding moral standards such as “Do Not Harm, Do Not Deceive, Do Not Abuse Privilege, or Do Not Exploit Unfair Advantage.”
3. Honest Debate – Encountering reality with open eyes and mind, raising critical questions and respecting those posed by others so as to recognize the challenges and validity of alternative options or perspectives.
4. Careful Discernment – Fulfilling the fiduciary norms of care by applying the rational, emotional, relational and ethical aptitudes that constitute reasonableness and fairness.
5. Transparent Decisions – Practicing accountability to surpass disclosure laws and expectations, tracking the decision process to reflect the good governance dimensions in Board of Governors practices, culture and outcomes.
6. Due-Diligence – Satisfying ethical as well as legal norms for inquiries, verification, investigation, analysis and prudence.
7. Expansive Dialogue – Engaging experts and critics beyond the Board of Governors and the MNC to add perspective, deepen understanding from diversity, and contribute to the wider social discourse concerning governance of the Métis Nation but at all times in the context of confidentiality obligations to the Board Métis Nation. 


Do you think the MNC/Board of Governors needs a Code of Ethics?

How should a Code of Ethics be enforced?

If the President or member of the Board of Governors is in violation of the Code, what are your recommendations for reprimand?


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