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Designing a New Electoral System


1:12 pm
February 19, 2009



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Designing A New Electoral System

The MNC has given great consideration to a new approach to the election of the MNC President that reflects fairness, accountability and trust in leadership. Through discussions with the Office of the Federal Interlocutor and new processes that have been introduced in the Métis Nation Protocol, the design of a new electoral system is becoming a reality. 

Before moving forward with the design of a new electoral system, however, the Board of Governors (BOG) will need to review the potential processes and recommendations or outcomes of this forum. To determine the electoral system, the BOG will need to decide on a majority or plurality system as well as the type of ballot for the system (i.e. single, multiple or preference ballot). Based on cost and efficiency, a single ballot, plurality system (also known as first past the post) is a leading option, along with a fixed election date that offers time for planning and can utilize resources in the provinces.


Do you have any specific recommendations for the BOG in the final decision of an electoral system?

What type of system would you like to see implemented?


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