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The Consultation Forum section of this site is the place where you can post your comments on various electoral options for electing the President of the Métis Nation.   The Forum is composed of 10 sections and invites participants to post comments on pertinent questions.  These comments can form the basis for an on-line conversation for other Métis to join.  Comments posted will be monitored by the MNC national office.   These comments will help shape the final electoral option that is placed before the President and Board of Governors of the Métis National Council.

Again, welcome to the site, please take this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Currently the following topics are raised in the Forum, users should register with the site in order to post their comments:

Electoral Systems

Ballot Options

Voting Mechanisms

Voter Turnout

Designing a New Electoral System

Estimated Costs and Funding Options

Development of a Code of Ethics

Development of an Elections Code

National Membership List or Voting Registry