Process Going Forward

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The Métis National Council Executive has undertaken the ground work during the 2008/2009 fiscal year to create a web-based tool to solicit the views of the Métis people on a new electoral system for the election of President of the Métis Nation.  The MNC Executive will be seeking to solicit the views of Métis people through this web-site from March 2009 to August 2009.  Following these consultations, the MNC national office will review the comments and develop a draft electoral law to govern the election of the President .  This electoral law will then be posted on the website for further comment and will be submitted to the MNC Executive and to each of the Governing Members  for comment and discussion by their respective Boards of Directors.   Following examination of the document by the Boards of Directors of the Governing Members, the President of the Métis National Council will submit the electoral law to the MNC Board of Governors to discuss and to make a decision as to whether the draft electoral law should be submitted to a special constitutional assembly of the Métis National Council for review and ratification.